As an experienced visual content creator I am able to apply and combine my many skills in order to deliver strong visual messages both in print and digital. Most, if not all of my work consists of applied arts. I will look for, find, and create solutions that graphically tell your story or deliver your message to your audience in the most accurate (and if needed original) way, combining your input as a client with my creative skills and experience.
As a graphic designer I am able to create and develop your brand identity, as well as follow an existing brandguide. I consider myself a fast and reliable designer. I love and respect deadlines, and I am actively looking for new challenges to overcome. I love working together in a team or team up with other creative teams. I am also highly skilled in the technical aspects of design, UX, print and digital publishing.
As an illustrator, I want me and my audience to enjoy the wild adventurous act of drawing with a purpose. I love storytelling, and I love looking at the world in different ways, and making an audience tune in to your story. My illustrations are fully 'applied art' meaning that, as a visual expert, I am not concerned with the expression of my personal feelings, yet only with the message that needs to be delivered or the story that needs to be told.
As a videographer I can draw storyboards, write scripts and briefings. Recording and editing video is part of my skill-set. I can do a bit of motion design, I know how to animate, I can handle cameras and sound equipment both in the studio or on the set.
Finally, as a teacher, I love to pass on my skills and my enthousiasm for applied visual arts to students of any age or background.

Feel free to contact me at info(@)
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